Paul McEldon

Paul McEldon

BIC: helping small businesses grow and prosper across the North East

“We now have a sustainable business model, not dependent on public funding, with a proven track record of adapting to changes in our environment.”

Delivering Regeneration Since 1994
As well as delivering exceptional managed office services, the North East Business and Innovation Centre (BIC) offers customers a professional environment to start and grow their business. Having helped to create over 7,000 jobs across the region since 1994, the BIC has developed a range of tailor made services and facilities to meet the needs of thriving businesses in the region.

A unique approach
Established 23 years ago as a not-for-profit organisation, the BIC was tasked with driving entrepreneurial and regeneration activities from the former Austin and Pickersgill shipyard site in Sunderland. With the departure of the regions heavy industries, new entrepreneurs were needed with fresh ideas to kick start the regional economy.

The mission of the BIC is to accelerate innovation and entrepreneurship through the delivery of a comprehensive range of professional support alongside providing high quality business premises. Business support, events and a community spirit is at the heart of the unique offer, making us more than just affordable business space.

Support is on offer from the business start-up team who have helped over 4,000 individuals set up in business; the SME Innovation Programme is stimulating established businesses to develop new products and services and the extensive events programme provides ample opportunity for entrepreneurs to learn new skills and get advice on many different topics from how to avoid cybercrime, to mastering social media.

Experienced property managers
In extending the property portfolio to three sites across the North East of England, we also demonstrate that our model delivers consistent and attractive results for building owners and property managers who are looking for professional business centre management and outsourcing.

Today we own or manage a total of 240,000 square feet, providing both managed and serviced office, industrial and laboratory space. We are currently home to 235 companies, ranging from start-up to established businesses employing from one to 50 people.

Chief executive Paul McEldon explains “As a £3.3m turnover, not-for-profit private business, we now have a sustainable business model, not dependent on public funding, with a proven track record of adapting to changes in our environment and we will undoubtedly continue to evolve in response to future political and economic landscapes.”