Improve worker happiness to supercharge productivity

Improve worker happiness to supercharge productivity

Atlas Cloud provides integrated solutions for cloud-based working to improve productivity.

Britain’s output per hour worked is now 22.2% lower than that of the US. With cloud-hosted technologies resulting in a 20% increase in productivity, decision-makers need to consider how their current IT setup is contributing to business performance. Newcastle-based Atlas Cloud believes remote working and an improved work-life balance should be the key drivers to increase the UK’s productivity, which is something that can be achieved by utilising hosted desktops.

Mobility is king
Complete mobility is now crucial to any modern organisation. With a hosted desktop solution, businesses can give workers total access to their entire workstation from any device, at any location. All apps, data and email are stored within a secure cloud platform that can be accessed 24/7 with an internet connection. With 88% of employees working from two or more locations during a typical week, staff need to be equipped with the right tools to take their work mobile.

For Durham-based Kenneth M Barrow & Co, the opportunity to work remotely whilst still being completely secure was a key driver in moving to a hosted desktop solution.

Ravi Kholsa, partner at KMB says: “We needed a solution that enabled us to embrace digital modernisation whilst still being fully secure. Staff now have the ability to work around the clock, when it suits them. The main thing is that you can’t beat the safety, security and compliance Atlas offers.”

An integrated solution not only meets the needs of modern-day workers but also leaves organisations to focus on business-critical tasks instead of dealing with multiple systems. As a result, any device can become an effective workstation that is managed by a team of experts. IT becomes invisible and there is minimal disruption to business with our targeted 99.9% uptime.

Atlas CloudImprove work-life balance
By removing the need to be physically present in the office to complete tasks, workers are free to take control of their working hours. The 9-5 can be abolished, making room for personal commitments that would’ve previously interfered with work responsibilities. In HAYS’ What Workers Want 2017 report, 86% of professionals consider an organisation’s flexible working policies before applying for a role. In that same report, 49% rated their work-life balance as average, poor or terrible.

Although workers are demanding more flexibility from their employers, according to Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends report 2017, only 23% of companies surveyed feel that they are excellent in helping employees balance personal and professional work-life demands.

To aid businesses, Atlas Cloud has partnered with the likes of Microsoft, Sage, Citrix and Symantec to deliver business-critical applications on any device. As staff no longer need to commute to the office, staff can make their work life suit them by adopting strategies such as remote working.

Claire Priestley, director of Clarand Accountants, explains that: “Applications we have used for years, such as CCH and Sage, have been seamlessly integrated within the cloud platform, allowing staff to pick up right where they left off, to enable us to securely access them whenever we need to, from any location.”

Securely access files around the clock
According to McKinsey, office workers spend an average of 28 hours a week writing emails, searching for information and collaborating internally, with the average worker sending and receiving 15 emails with attachments a day. In addition to this, 59% of managers miss vital information simply because they can’t find it.

With cloud-hosted file sharing applications, such as Citrix ShareFile, workers are now free to collaborate securely and effectively. There is only ever one live version of the truth accessible to edit at any given time and the data can be accessed offline on any device and synced to other devices when internet connectivity is restored. It is also estimated that teams can draft documents 33% faster with a document management tool.

At Atlas Cloud, we’re able to provide organisations of any size with the digital tools they need to supercharge productivity and improve efficiency whilst remaining completely secure and in line with compliance measures such as GDPR. Cloud technologies such as application and desktop hosting are enabling workers to take control of their working day to optimise productivity and introduce new ways of working that meet their demands.

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