We turn vision into reality

We turn vision into reality

Monument Design + Build takes an age-old approach to exceed its clients’ expectations.

Monument Design + Build Ltd are a multi-discipline architectural and building practice that conducts and delivers beautiful projects from start to finish for residential and commercial clients. Our experienced team of specialists understand precisely how to transform ideas and requirements into successful design schemes and personally managed installations.

Founders Andrew Richardson and Stephen Rutherford formed Monument Design + Build Ltd when their two companies amalgamated in 2012. Both were driven to achieve what they knew was possible with the right blend of skills and passion for great design and build.

Monument Design + Build Ltd imagine, manage and realise inspiring spaces that surpass expectation. This is done by knowing the client and their vision before taking control from inception to completion. It is the devotion to every detail in every project that results in the highest standard of buildings and structures.

Andrew Richardson, director, says: “The importance of a detailed and thorough survey cannot be underestimated. The design team will gain a valuable understanding of the building or site, a feel for the needs of the project and it will invoke conceptual ideas for the design.

Monumnet 02“Building is exciting and there is nothing more rewarding than completing a project and exceeding the client’s expectations.”
Stephen Rutherford, director, says: “The design process engages minds, provokes thoughts and develops ideas. A concept will be born from an idea, which will evolve and with careful consideration be turned into a reality exceeding expectation.”

Our approach
It doesn’t matter how good an idea is, without the right team of craftsmen it will never be realised. Only a handful of trusted tradesmen and companies are engaged to carry out the high level of workmanship that we demand, and our clients deserve.

Design and build is sometimes compared to the ‘master builder’ approach - one of the oldest forms of construction procedure that reportedly goes back as far as four millennia. We believe the art of building should be inspirational and enjoyable.

Everyone should be proud of what’s been achieved. We care about how things look, how things work, every single detail, until we have the finished article in front of us. In industry terms, it’s not a typical process but the results are always exceptional. Our approach minimises risks and overall costs for the project owner and allows us to overlap the design and construction phases and reduce the delivery schedule.

Every project is unique, but will generally follow these stages:

  • First meeting
    Discuss the project brief, listen to client ideas and advise on design, technical and planning issues.
  • Concept design
    The first phase of design involves producing sketch plans and discussing ideas. Photo rendered 3D images are produced to assist in the visualisation of the completed project.
  • Budget
    Once the concept designs have been agreed we will prepare a preliminary budget and highlight any areas of cost risk.
    Detail design and planning - The designs will be progressed and detailed with regular client liaison and discussions. Any necessary application for statutory consents will be submitted. Interior and design choices will be discussed and agreed.
  • Construction information
    We control every aspect of this phase including building works, services, interior fitments and liaising with statutory bodies.
  • Construction
    Once statutory consents are in place and the design choices are broadly agreed, a suite of high quality information will be produced including construction drawings and specifications.
  • Completion
    A comprehensive snagging list will be prepared, and all works completed to the required high standard. A pack including statutory consents will be provided along with any applicable guarantees and instruction manuals. Personal demonstrations of any items installed will also be given.
  • Post completion
    We are never more than a phone call away and offer a defects liability period of six months after practical completion.

We are regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). Get in touch to find out more.

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