Divorce lawyers braced for busy Autumn

Divorce lawyers braced for busy Autumn

Specialist Family lawyers at Irwin Mitchell are bracing themselves for an influx of new clients as history suggests that September will be the start of a one of the busiest periods in the year for divorce enquiries.

Recent research by the team showed that 49% of couples having difficulties tried taking a holiday together to repair their relationship – but 27% of divorcees admitted that this failed to help save their marriage.

Lawyers say that the most common reasons for people contacting them after the summer are:

  • holiday arguments widening cracks in relationship;
  • a desire to stay together over the summer for the sake of their children;
  • going on holidays that are already booked and paid for before making the decision;
  • waiting until their child’s back-to-school arrangements are finalised.

Nicola Walker, a specialist family and divorce lawyer at Irwin Mitchell’s Birmingham office, said: “As parents busily prepare for their children going back school, many couples will also be planning for their own new start.

“Couples tend to have spent more time together over the school holidays and that can often cement previously held views that their relationship is not working.

“Divorce is not usually something people will suddenly decide they need to do and many couples stay together over the holiday period for the sake of their children, who could be disappointed if holidays have to be cancelled, or they believe that a holiday might help save their marriage.

“Whatever the reasons it is really important that people seek specialist advice and consider the options open to them such as mediation and collaborative law. Separation will have a major impact on all of the family and it is vital that where children are involved the divorce process runs as smoothly as possible. Handling this difficult situation sensitively from the start and minimising the disruption to children can make a massive difference in the long term to how family relationships work in the future.”