Why businesses are failing at customer service

As more businesses are cutting costs in an effort to save money, customer service is suffering. Paragon Acquisitions outline the main reasons why businesses are failing at customer service, and offer their top five tips to how this can be avoided.

Customer service has never been so important to businesses, yet many firms seem to have lost sight of their customers’ needs.  Efficiency is a huge challenge for businesses, however the drive for efficiency can jeopardise good customer service.  Customers are not generic and therefore it is critical that companies recognise this and respond flexibly to different customer types and behaviour.

The art of good business is in achieving a high level of effectiveness with efficiency; thereby delivering the right service for the customer, while remaining cost effective.

In the pursuit of keeping costs as low as possible, many businesses have tried to standardise as much of their service delivery as possible. But the risk is that such businesses often become too mechanistic in their service.  Sales and marketing firm, Paragon Acquisitions outline the firm’s main reasons why businesses tend to fail at providing good customer service. 


Companies don’t take the time to hire the right people 

Some people have the correct personality and aptitude for customer service, but development and training must be ongoing to ensure customer service is kept at a high standard.


The company does not have a clear vision for customer service 

The best customer service vision statement is one sentence or less. It needs to be easily understandable for workers who will need to execute the vision daily.


Companies don’t take the time and effort to train everyone in the company

Every person within an organisation must be on board and in alignment with customer service vision. This comes through training and ongoing reinforcement.


People who have roles that don’t interact with the customer don’t believe that customer service applies to them 

Everyone has a customer, it can be external or internal. Customer service is part of the culture of a company and not just for the customer service reps to deal with.


The customer service is not consistent 

Inconsistency erodes customer confidence. A business must deliver a positive customer service experience that is both consistent and predictable.


We believe that offering excellent customer service could help a business to succeed no matter what the economic climate or latest technology.  Below we list our top five tips to improving customer service:

  1. Let the customer get to know the company
  2. Be available
  3. Have a special service for loyal/long term customers
  4. Offer knowledge
  5. Allow for face to face interactions between the company and customer


Paragon Acquisitions is an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in Southampton.  The firm offer their clients event marketing solutions to help increase their market share and provide first class customer service through face to face interactions at event based marketing sites.