Keeping up to date with sources of funding

Keeping up to date with sources of funding

As a specialist in access to finance for businesses, it is of great concern to me that – in spite of a demonstrable increase in business borrowing over the past year – knowledge of what is currently available seems to be poor to non-existent amongst a large part of the business community.

This has become clear at a number of recent events, set up by trade bodies and business groups.  Worse still, at least three events which were aiming to inform businesses and their advisors of current sources of finance have recently been cancelled through lack of support.  

Perhaps business owners are currently so busy that they didn’t even know about the opportunities to find out more about finance, let alone that there are many options open to them which might be of interest!

If events are not the answer, how can information reach the business community? 

This challenge has been taken up locally by the launch of an online ‘access to finance portal’, jointly supported by Birmingham Professional Services and the Greater Birmingham and Solihull LEP.  This new portal - - not only contains details and links to a large number of  local and national funding sources, including a search engine designed to meet the needs of the businesses, but also useful tips and links to further information.  Of course, the key issue is the same as for the event organisers – ensuring that businesses know of its existence!

If you are reading this, you are now informed - so please share your knowledge of how businesses can find out about, and take full advantage of, the various forms of finance available to them far and wide!

We also have information about accessing finance and how best to present your case for a loan on our website