Land Rover reveals ideal conditions for creativity

Land Rover reveals ideal conditions for creativity

A recent survey carried out by Land Rover and the Institute of Directors revealed that cars present ideal conditions for creativity.

Over 900 global executives shared their perfect environment for creative thought within the survey.

The report found that 84% of business leaders believe their environment is important for enabling creative thought.

Respondents listed the top 3 physical factors as fresh air, a feeling of space and natural materials, such as wood or leather, as being vital for a creative environment, whilst being in comfort, having time to think and not feeling stressed were seen as the required psychological conditions for having the best ideas. 

In line with these findings, the home was reported to be the most effective place for being creative - away from the stress and distraction of the office - while one in five executives said they have their best ideas in the car.

For those who are working in the car, the most common activity is creative thought, as they use the respite of a journey to relax and reflect inwardly. 

“The findings of this study suggest that cars present an opportunity for both the right psychological and the right physical conditions for creativity,” says Sir Cary Cooper.

“Creative thoughts will often come to us at a time when we least expect them - when we are relaxed or not thinking about a problem.

“Experiments have shown that when dopamine is released into our brains from habitual or instinctive distractions, such as driving a car, we are more able to allow our brains to be creative."

Land Rover's study shows that catching up on emails is the second most popular business activity in the car followed by working on urgent tasks.