Crowdfunding platform launched by enterprise agencies

Crowdfunding platform launched by enterprise agencies

Enterprise agency consortium Cavendish Enterprise has launched its own crowd funding platform, as the demand for alternative finance increases.

Cavendish Crowd is the first crowd funding platform to be launched by enterprise agencies. They’re responding to a need from their clients, looking for an alternative to bank loans which new businesses are finding more difficult to access, the Cavendish Crowd initiative aims to support small businesses who are starting up as well as small businesses looking to grow and expand. 

Kevin Horne, Cavendish Enterprise chairperson said: "In our continued efforts to provide innovative support to new and growing businesses, Cavendish Enterprise is pleased to offer a dedicated crowdfunding platform for our clients."

The platform is launched in partnership with Crowdfunder UK. Nick Underhill from Crowdfunder UK explained: "Crowdfunder is excited to be working on this unique partnership with Cavendish Enterprise, which is enabling a group of national business support agencies to help their clients with current and accessible alternative means of funding.

“Cavendish, with our support, are able to provide their huge client database with not just generic business advice but also support to access crowd funding through their own Cavendish platform."

Two clients have launched their projects on the platform. Change Please is a social enterprise, training the homeless to be baristas and to manage coffee carts. Developing Experts provides on line curriculum support tools for children to encourage and develop deep knowledge and skills through story telling. 

Both have had the benefit of advice from two of the enterprise agencies within Cavendish Enterprise. Pledges have been made for Change Please which will help them further their VOOM campaign.

Cemal Ezel from Change Please said: "As a ‘start & grow’ client, Change Please has not only benefited from a hugely experienced business adviser but this has been linked to our crowd funding campaign. It is amazing to have this level of specialist support all delivered by one agency."

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