Cavendish Enterprise and Journolink help small firms talk

Cavendish Enterprise and Journolink help small firms talk

Start & Grow, a government initiative delivered by Cavendish Enterprise partners to provide support to start up and growing businesses, is giving entrepreneurs the knowledge and skills they need to hit the headlines through a new project with Journolink.

Cavendish Enterprise is giving start up businesses direct access to the journalists who want to write about them and hear their stories, together with the support of Journolink to position their articles professionally, understanding that for start-up businesses, it’s hard to find the time or the money to promote their idea.

Up to 3,000 businesses will now have the opportunity to benefit from a master class programme to help them perfect their news releases. Additionally these new businesses will have access to a database of journalists, and will be included on a contact list of businesses for journalists to approach when they require contributions and quotes to include in press articles.

Peter Ibbetson, co-founder of JournoLink said, “Every day we see fantastic small business successes, new ideas put into commercialisation, jobs created, export orders won and people’s lives improved. Yet so few of these stories ever get to reach the broadcasters and journalists.

“JournoLink is absolutely set up to change that, and we look forward to helping the entrepreneurs setting out through the Start & Grow programme get their businesses talked about in the press, with all the marketing benefits that brings.”

The Start & Grow programme is delivered by the Cavendish partners to start-up and growing businesses across England. The support is tailored to start-up businesses with expectations of high growth and job creation, and will continue for up to three years after the business starts trading.

Start & Grow is aimed at boosting the economy in less fortunate areas of the country through supporting new businesses bringing private investment and jobs to the region.

“By partnering with JournoLink we are providing an additional ‘added-value service’ for our Start & Grow clients which will further support their business growth and early stage success. Start & Grow is already a comprehensive and solid business support programme and the addition of PR advice and training can only strengthen the overall support.” said Kevin Horne, chairman of Cavendish Enterprise.

“Cavendish continues to prove its commitment and passion to helping entrepreneurs and new businesses through our delivery of innovative support schemes. The partnership with JournoLink will provide an additional area of support beyond start up and on through the crucial early stages of growth.”