Expanding ‘new model’ law firm seeks new talent to join its team

Expanding ‘new model’ law firm seeks new talent to join its team

Flexible approach to legal work gives solicitors a decent work-life balance and better income.

Fed up of the long hours and rigid targets-driven environment of traditional partnership law firms?

Want to take control of your own working hours and diary, have the ability to work from home and the potential to double your earnings?

Hooper Burrowes Legal, a Midlands-based ‘new model’ law firm with a UK-wide reach, is seeking talented consultant solicitors to join its expanding team.

The busy law firm, which is celebrating five years in business, is looking for senior solicitors, with at least 10 years experience and their own client following, who want to take full control over their career advancement and enjoy greater rewards, flexibility and job fulfilment.

Hooper Burrowes Legal offers lawyers the freedom and opportunity to operate as self-employed consultants whilst enjoying a head office support structure and all the benefits of working alongside a team of experienced senior solicitors.  Its attractive fee-sharing agreement truly values individual performance. Consultants can earn in excess of two-thirds of their billings. And, while the company’s head office is based in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, its full use of professional cloud-based technology enables its consultants to work from any geographical location. The firm’s current team includes consultants based in both the north and south of England.

How it works
Hooper Burrowes Legal effectively provides a half-way house between running your own legal practice – but without all the expensive set-up costs – and working for a firm – but with greater freedom and earnings potential and no cumbersome partnership hierarchy.

You manage your own time and client base. Hooper Burrowes Legal provides: back-office support, professional I.T. systems, compliance, indemnity insurance, banking and accountancy, case file reviews, brand marketing and opportunities to build on your personal client following.  “This is an exciting opportunity for solicitors with an entrepreneurial flair who want greater freedom and flexibility to build a successful career and determine their own work-life balance,” explains Hooper Burrowes Legal managing director John Burrowes.

The benefits
Consultants have total control over their work-life balance and earnings potential. You can double your current income while working the same hours, for example, or choose to cut your hours and still match your existing earnings.

You choose when and where you work and the geographical area you wish to cover.
Clients get a better more efficient service with access to highest quality legal advice from senior professionals at competitive rates.

About Hooper Burrowes Legal
The company was launched in 2011 by John Burrowes, former founding senior partner at one of Shropshire’s largest law firms. Leading UK planning and local authority law specialist Robin Hooper joined him as a director in 2012.

The firm has an existing 10-strong team of six legal experts and four support staff. Current service areas include business and commercial law, planning and development, commercial and residential property, personal injury and medical negligence, wills and probate. The busy office receives enquiries for all types of legal advice and the company is keen to talk to solicitors across a variety of specialisms.

This could be the start of something life-changing. For an initial discussion in the strictest confidence contact managing director John Burrowes on 01743 455400 or email johnb@hblegal.co.uk. www.hblegal.co.uk