Mastercard seeks out start-ups

Mastercard seeks out start-ups

Mastercard is looking for disruptive start-ups from across London and the South to join its start-up engagement programme Start Path Global.

Start Path Global works with start-up businesses to help drive them forward, scale their business and increase profitability.

The programme is an integral part of Mastercard’s broader start-up engagement effort that is focused on partnering with the best start-ups to collaborate and create new experiences for its customers, business partners, and the broader financial industry.

Although it is aimed at helping its partners and customers, Start Path Global is applicable to start-ups from a range of sectors as well as the financial sector from retail to security all the way through to big data.

“In 2014 we wanted to look beyond Mastercard and support innovation that was being developed by new and upcoming, early-stage companies” said Stephane Wyper, global lead at Mastercard Start Path.

“We believe every start-up is unique and that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to working together. We have put in place different mechanisms including pilots with Mastercard business lines, access to our APIs, and connectivity to our customer base and partner networks.”

The start-up community in London has been growing at an unprecedented rate and the region has been churning out some major success stories as of late.

Start Path is currently working with five start-ups that are based in the UK and hopes the programme will build on this success.