Plan for Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Plan for Sustainable Competitive Advantage

In today’s complex and challenging business environment, the importance of strategy cannot be overstated. Companies that do not have a robust, well-articulated and well-communicated strategy risk being out-manoeuvred by their competition.

On Thursday 17th November’s breakfast seminar:  “Fresh Perspectives; Scenario Planning”, Dr Stathis Tapinos, Senior Lecturer in Strategic Management will share valuable insight from his research and consultancy in corporate strategy, and his experience designing customised strategy solutions for businesses faced with uncertainty, providing immediately practical tools and techniques for all businesses to plan for sustainable competitive advantage.

The business environment is continuously changing while new driving forces that shape the marketplace are emerging all the time. The environment and its driving forces are perceived differently by each managers within each organisation. Managers tend to anticipate the future based on single point forecasts (e.g. exchange rate), ignoring the systemic relationship between macro external environmental factors and their impact on the industrial environment. Today it is more important than ever, to adopt a holistic approach for making sense of the future and the potential opportunities and threats for developing strategies.

Stathis comments “Scenario Planning has become the most popular strategy tool. It is neither a forecasting nor a predicting tool but is used to improve managers’ ability to anticipate uncertainty and, in that context, to enhance organisational learning. It helps to develop a shared understanding of perceived uncertainty between managers working in the same organisation, and more successfully implemented strategies.”

Stathis’ method links scenario development to the sustainability of competitive advantage in order to support long term strategy making. He can customise it to meet the needs of any company that operates in dynamic environments, or where risks have significant and wide-ranging implications.

In his Fresh Perspectives session he will share key advice on: How organisations understand the current source of competitive advantage and its limitations; identifying factors of uncertainty for the future; creating a range of scenarios and narratives; and developing effective strategies.

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