Enterprising duo look to CupTheMarket

Enterprising duo look to CupTheMarket

Budding entrepreneurs François de Vinols and Kourosh Madani are helping tackle the issue of Britain’s annual wastage of 2.5 billion coffee cups through their new business CupTheMarket.

Every day, hundreds of thousands of Britons put their coffee cups into a recycling bin without realising they cannot be recycled unless segregated in bins just for cups.

With this in mind, François de Vinols and Kourosh Madani have launched CupTheMarket, an innovative way to tackle the 2.5 billion coffee cups that go unrecycled every year.

CupTheMarket, launched by the two Cass Business School graduates, offers advertising space on empty coffee cups in a bid to fund coffee cup recycling.

Its cups will initially be rolled out in London-based Universities before exploring other avenues.

François said: “CupTheMarket aims to convert that free advertising space available on cups into an incredibly efficient marketing medium which will in turn generate revenues to finance cup recycling.

“The adverts on our cups will be fun and will matter to our customers. It’s time to make these cups more efficient; by placing adverts on them we can finance their recycling and avoid unnecessary waste.”

The duo have also teamed up with Action for Children to promote the charity's Fair by Five campaign and are committed to helping similar causes.

François added: “We wanted to promote a charity to launch this innovative project as it is in line with our ethical values and that’s where Action for Children comes in.”


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