'We must be confident despite Brexit uncertainty' says Warwickshire MP

'We must be confident despite Brexit uncertainty' says Warwickshire MP

Businesses in Mid-Warwickshire must be confident going into 2017 despite uncertainty surrounding Brexit, according to Warwickshire MP Chris White.

That was the message from Chris White, who met the Coventry and Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce’s Mid-Warwickshire Branch at Mallory Court Hotel in Leamington.

He told the gathering of businesses that he had campaigned to ‘remain’ but that the UK had a bright future outside the European Union.

White said: "I was in favour of remaining in the EU and the Warwick District Council area voted overwhelmingly to remain by 58/42.

"We are now facing up to the challenges presented to us by Brexit and there is a lot to be done in terms of negotiations and trade deals across the world.

"Before the meeting, I felt we had plenty to be optimistic about in this area and the opportunities available to Warwickshire. The feedback I heard from companies strengthened that feeling.

"I mentioned that I’d been to a meeting at the offices of Wright Hassall recently and when I looked out of one window I could see Warwick Castle in one direction and when I looked out of another I could see the new Tata Technologies building being created.

"What better example could there be of this area being host to such history and the very latest in technology? So I believe we have a great story to tell to the world and it’s important that we continue to tell it."

Martyne Manning, an SME business coach with the chamber, told the meeting that the area had the lowest unemployment levels outside London and that Coventry and Warwickshire as whole had seen a 5% increase in the number of SMEs.

She said that the chamber’s Go For Growth campaign had undertaken a great deal of work surrounding the issue of a lack of commercial property available in the area and that it was also looking to help address the shortage of skills in the region.

David Myskow, the chair of the branch, said: "We always welcome the very open dialogue we have with Chris White.

"The mood in the room was one of optimism for business but also recognising that barriers to growth remain.

"In terms of Brexit, the uncertainty around what happens to the labour market has brought into even sharper focus the issues we have with skills and employability and the chamber will be working with businesses, training providers and education establishments in the next 12 months to look a local solutions to this national problem."