“Failing manufacturer” hits record growth

“Failing manufacturer” hits record growth

Batley based furniture company Sampson Products has seen record new growth after almost closing its doors just two years ago.

A failing furniture component company based in Batley has hit record growth just two years after the MD almost closed it down and called it quits.

Now, rather than shutting up shop at, Sampson Products is working flat out to fulfil orders for existing customers and is attracting regular good quality new business.

Simon Banks started Sampson Products after 25 years in a job with the same firm which was secure but lacked the job satisfaction he craved. 

He said: “I wanted to prove to myself that I could run my own business, I felt I had it in me but had previously lacked the bravado to leave a secure job and do it.”

“Sampson Products was a failing manufacturer that made components for the bed industry and I was armed with 25 years’ experience and tonnes of enthusiasm that I felt would help pull it round”. 

But he soon realised that, in order to make the company a success, he would need to do more than that.

Two years in and Simon was struggling with production inefficiencies, poor staff behaviour and making those tough management decisions on his own. 

As the pressure mounted, Simon was contemplating giving it all up and going back to his own job.

“The problem for me was that others relied on me for their livelihoods. Suppliers had given me credit on trust and I did not want to go back to my old employer branded as a failure - so I was determined to make Sampson Products work.” 

Simon’s salvation came in the form of a Wakefield business mentor, Dougie Brown.

“Dougie invited me to attend The Alternative Board to see what it was like.  Despite my scepticism I quickly realised the other members of the board could help me.”

“At the first meeting, they helped me recognise what my real issues were and then formulate a solution. It was a game changer and helped to save Sampson Products.”

Since then, Simon hasn’t looked back and Sampson Products is now growing and expanding.  He believes that the business advice he received was vitally important in turning his failing company around.

“I was cynical about TAB at first but it has genuinely made a huge difference to Sampson Products and this year I was awarded UK TAB Member of the Year which is great recognition of my progress as a TAB member and the significant progress Sampson Products is enjoying”.