South Wales Enterprise Specialist hits 100 staff

South Wales Enterprise Specialist hits 100 staff

Business in Focus is celebrating its major expansion after massively increasing its skilled workforce over the past 2 years.

The specialist business support organisation for enterprise in Wales, which has offices in Bridgend and across South Wales, has increased its workforce from 63 to 100 since 2016 through carefully targeted recruitment drives and smart internal training and recruitment.

The expansion is fortunate as it comes at a time when the number of recruitment and business experts across the UK is not sufficient to meet demand.

The Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) has warned that the current skills shortage is reaching critical levels and is the greatest threat to UK businesses.

Human resources manager at Business in Focus, Andrea Wallbank, said: “The growth of Business in Focus is very pleasing, and I feel we now have the strongest team we have ever had at the company.

“Employers have never faced a more challenging time when it comes to filling key roles and the past 18 months have been particularly extreme.

“This is because employment is so high and uncertainty over the effects of Brexit is making many people wary about leaving stable employment to take up new roles, as the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development, CIPD has emphasised.

“However, our success in increasing our personnel shows that taking a very strategic approach, tailored to the unique make-up of the employment pool at the moment, can yield results.”

Andrea leads recruitment and human resources for Business in Focus and works as an HR consultant to Welsh firms and organisations they support.

She uses various methods gained over the past two years to recruit the highest quality candidates who are the best match for business in Focus from a fairly small pool of candidates.

She continued: “Taking a very targeted approach to recruitment, using the correct social media tools in a smart way, for example, connecting with carefully chosen LinkedIn Groups appropriate to the specific roles we are seeking to fill, has been key for us.

“We have also been careful to keep our long-term objectives in mind – so we have recruited candidates with skills and attitude that is going to match our long-term goals, who will grow with us.

“We are also very aware that the very transactional approach that has been struck between employers and employees in past generations is long gone.

“We are no longer simply employers paying for time and for services given. The focus in the modern workplace is on building strong, reciprocal relationships within the team.

“So, our staff know their career progression is a priority for us. We pride ourselves on internal progression and more than 35% of our workforce has been promoted within the company.

“Why put concerted effort and planning into hiring the right people, only to see them leave your organisation shortly afterwards?”

Business in Focus is a Wales-based business support specialist offering a broad range of support services, with offices throughout South Wales and the Valleys.