Campaign to boost construction apprenticeships

Campaign to boost construction apprenticeships

A new resource has been created to help promote the value of apprenticeships in the construction sector.

Created with the help of the National Careers Service, the online resource drawn up by nationwide trade supplier Powertool World is designed to improve visibility of apprenticeship opportunities, both to young people and to employers.

There is a significant need for young people to help fill the expected 230,000 jobs to be created in construction over the next four years, and apprenticeships are seen as a cruicial way of securing these workers.

Employers within the construction sector need to understand the advantages of hiring an apprentice. “Why you should hire an apprentice” has been created to help, including an infographic explaining the success of the apprenticeship scheme, how it benefits employers, the grants available to them and how they can start hiring an apprentice.

Chris Guy, managing director of Powertool World, said:“We decided to put together this resource because we realise how important apprenticeships are to our customers, the construction industry and the UK economy in general. We’re taking any opportunity to do our bit to promote the scheme and educate young people and employers on the many benefits of apprenticeships. We plan to keep building on the resource going forward.”

The ‘Kick-starting your Career in Construction’ resource is designed to highlight the benefits of undertaking an apprenticeship in construction, using an infographic to highlight the information someone would need before choosing a career in construction, advice from the National Careers Service and links to useful websites.

When offering tips for your young people thinking of becoming an apprentice, Tom Laws, from the National Careers Service, says: “Aside from the range of qualifications and experience you can gain through a role in construction, seeing a project develop from beginning to end, and having a tangible result to show for it can be very rewarding; people moving into a house or apartment block, or driving over a bridge you built is something you can take pride in every day.”