Architects’ practice expands with VR technology

Architects’ practice expands with VR technology

Manchester-headquartered architects’ practice Buttress has launched a virtual reality service, expanding its digital capabilities and the service it can offer to clients.

The practice has incorporated a new VR suite as part of a full refurbishment of its Ancoats office. The suite utilises state-of-the-art technology and 3D software to create an artificial environment that allows clients and design teams to immerse themselves in a project.

Using a headset and hand-held controls, users can walk freely around and navigate the ‘virtual space’ which reacts as they explore and interact with it.

The technology also allows users to scan a QR code and load a 3D model of a project to their mobile phone, giving clients the opportunity to provide feedback on the move. The technology is being employed on all projects that utilise BIM as an additional visual tool in the design development process.

Managing director, Gavin Sorby said: “We consistently review our services to ensure that we’re offering the best for our clients.

“We recognise that VR has incredible potential to transform our lives and this includes the way in which we design, and how we communicate those designs to clients and wider stakeholders, which is why we wanted to bring it in-house.

“Its hugely exciting and quite addictive. The technology allows you to step inside a project and be immersed in a building in a way that can’t be achieved by 2D drawings or physical 3D models. Changes can be made to the design and reviewed from the first-person perspective, which helps us make more informed design decisions, and improves communication between client and design team.

“The day is coming soon when we will be able to hold design meetings with the whole team inside the virtual model.”