Three apps helping curb SME spending

The new digital age has not only brought with it an array of new technologies but has also helped nurture a new breed of entrepreneur.

Simplified, easy-to-use applications are making it easier than ever before for SMEs to compete on a grand scale and are helping to cut expenditure on external support which to this day, can still take a huge bite out of any firms marketing budget.

BQ’s digital marketing exec Bryce Wilcock, gives an insight into three revolutionary apps helping cut the costs of your everyday SME.



Hyperlapse is an app relatively unknown to the majority of the general public so far however; it is the brainchild of one of the most popular social networks on the market.

After Instagram was purchased by Facebook back in 2012 for the grand total of $1bn, the app has continued to be an innovator in its field. Most notably, when Vine rose to popularity with the introduction of short six and a half second videos, Instagram soon introduced video to its pictorial feed allowing users to also post short, edited videos to their social networks.

This was a dream come true for marketing execs and entrepreneurs who now had more power than ever to create multimedia content from their own devices at almost no cost. It was this innovative mindset of Instagrams developers however, that dreamt up the concept of Hyperlapse and having already built one of the world’s largest social networks, of course they were going to give it a shot. 

Hyperlapse allows users to capture a video from their tablet or mobile device and edit it to a standard that looks like it could have easily been shot by a professional agency (if executed correctly!) 

The app was developed to try and curb the jittery, low quality resolution videos usually captured by smart phones and tablets helping create a time lapse, cinematic style video.

Although the Apple iPhone 6 may have introduced ‘time-lapse’ and ‘slo-mo’ video capturing to the device from standard, the app allows those that haven’t upgraded and jumped onto the iPhone 6 bandwagon to create similar quality content.

The app may not be suitable for interviews and the editing capabilities may be limited, however it does allow people to capture good quality moving images and add them to their social networks, blogs and of course to their websites helping boost SEO. A cost of which, if performed by an agency, would undoubtedly eat into the marketing budget of any sized business.

Below, you can see the official video for the Hyperlapse app.


Depop, an application launched by an Italian entrepreneur based in England, was featured on BQLive a few month back.

Although the app has nothing to do with the developers of Instagram, you will see many similarities. An interface that is almost identical and all of the features mirror Instagram, bar one.

Like any entrepreneur and especially those in app development, Simon Beckerman saw a huge gap in the market and leaped to fill it. Many brands and SMEs were taking to Instagram, a haven for posting images and videos of products they were selling, to showcase their produce and attract customers from across the globe.

The only problem however, was the inability to buy the products being advertised. The network allowed people to post a short bio which could potentially include a link to a website where brands would be able to secure a sale. This worked ideally and helped businesses propel Instagram into the position it is today however, it was a long winded process which doesn’t suit the time-conscience consumers we see in the modern day.

By creating a network, again exclusive to smart phones and tablets, Depop allowed consumers to browse items by quickly scrolling down a news feed that they’d like to purchase, following brands and sellers that they liked the look of. The difference however was using Instagrams ‘Like’ and ‘Comment’ features, Beckerman introduced a third concept. A simple ‘Buy’ button helped users and sellers to login to the app with paypal and buy items instantly.

Although the most popular e-commerce sites remain eBay, Google Shopping and Amazon, as any marketing professional knows any advertising is good advertising and it certainly doesn’t harm adding your stuff to a Depop account. The small fee of 10% that goes to Depop is minimal in proportion to the amount you would pay through other third parties selling your produce.

Depop has risen through the ranks of the thousands of social networks out there with a user base boasting over 1,000,000 across the globe, making it essential for any firm using the internet to strut their stuff.

You can see the official Depop video, below:


Last but not least, Google were always going to be amongst the leaders of innovative apps with their track record and they haven’t failed with the introduction of Google Drive.

We would also recommend Dropbox or OneDrive if you already use them however, Google Drive does tend to be rising in popularity amongst businesses across the globe as it tends to be one of the most cost effective forms of external storage.

Providing users with a storage facility of up to 15gb for free to start off, it is a great way to keep all of your important documents and multimedia in one handy place to quickly grab from any device or platform and to share when needed. Need to check the latest figures on your monthly report? No problem, open up the Google Drive app and open it with ease.

Another great advantage means if you’re working from home or in separate offices, you can joint edit documents with your colleagues or clients from completely different locations making it a lot easier to work together.

Google Drive is a great way of keeping all of your documents organised and accessible anywhere, anytime which could prove vital when you find yourself in those golden moments when you really need to showcase something to a client you could meet at the most obscure of times. Never miss out on seizing a business opportunity again with everything you may need at your finger tips.

View the apps official video, here:


All in all, there are thousands of applications out there, each which will all save you time and money and for any business owner, your needs will vary from others. Think about what you’re spending a lot of time and money on and look at ways to cut down wherever possible, in the new digital age it’s as easy as ever. The app market is your oyster.