Making BQ even better as we take the magazine national

Making BQ even better as we take the magazine national

The BQ team are delighted to announce that we’re continuing our expansion across the UK. From March 2017, our print readership will extend even further to include the South East of England, the City of London, and Wales.

The leading quarterly business magazine currently publishes four separate editions in the North East, North West, West Midlands and Yorkshire, with a fifth edition covering Scotland.

From March 2017, a new national BQ will be launched as a bigger, single edition covering the South East, London and Wales, as well as all existing English regions. BQ Scotland will continue as a dedicated edition north of the border.

Bryan Hoare, managing director of BQ, said: "Over the last five years, BQ has grown into a leading national media brand recognised for celebrating and inspiring entrepreneurship.

"We're already committed to helping businesses succeed and grow in the North East, North West, West Midlands, Yorkshire and Scotland. This expansion means that BQ magazine will now reach new audiences and advertisers in London, the South East and Wales as well."

The new BQ will be a much larger magazine that will combine our regional titles to reach over 153,000 business leaders, entrepreneurs, directors and executives in every quarter across England and Wales. It will be filled with even more inspiring entrepreneurial stories and feature interviews from across the UK.

BQ's existing editorial team of Peter Ranscombe, Steve Dyson, Mike Hughes, Paul Robertson and Maria McGeoghan will all write for the new magazine, with our digital editorial team of Suzy Jackson and Bryce Wilcock continuing to write for the website, BQ Breakfast emails and social media.

The new magazine will also be accompanied by an expanded series of BQ2 Special Reports, focussing on a range of key sectors and subjects which reflect regional and national economic growth strategies. They’ll provide access to unique content and information from the ‘coal face’ of investment-led growth.

You will also receive more unique digital content than ever before as our writers produce, curate and analyse the most important and inspiring business news, features and opinions, filtered down into a new richer weekly BQ Breakfast briefing from mid-December.

And when things happen that are significant or we know that you’ll be interested in, we won’t wait until the next briefing to tell you about it. We’ll update you as it happens.

As always, please visit to view all of our past BQ magazines and BQ2 Special Reports, and find out more about our events and campaigns.