Championing local entrepreneurs

Championing local entrepreneurs

We’ve seen our spotlighted business features become more and more popular, and every day we find even more firms doing extraordinary things across the UK that we want to tell you about.

The BQlive website is a rich hub of content about local, national and international businesses, and we add more to it every single day. We’re renewing our focus on producing new, original content across all our editions to make every BQ story unique.

Here’s a taste of the kind of stories we’ll be bringing you more of...

A cut above the rest

A tailor who made her name on Saville Row after becoming the street’s first female head cutter in 2009 has returned seven years on to become the first woman to open her own tailoring house on the historic street.

"I am thrilled to be making history, although for me being a woman is incidental, I am a tailor first and foremost"

Jamie Laing: The Candyman

Made in Chelsea star turned entrepreneur Jamie Laing and his business partner Ed Williams caught up with BQ to chat about sweet treats, work ethic and world domination...

"For Ed and I success isn’t making money, it’s about being established in a certain area where you are praised and credited for what you’ve created. Ed and I both love creating things and that’s how we got into this"

Experts invest in 'great technology, data and a sense of humour' at M14 Industries

Manchester based tech startup M14 Industries, the firm behind the Bristlr dating app for beard lovers, have successfully closed a six figure funding round with investors praising the firm’s founder for his approach to business.

"John Kershaw’s down to earth, "low hype" style earned my respect and trust and I really felt they were onto a winning business model"

Natural milkshake? Canny!

All-natural milkshake Canny uses plants and vegetables to replace the usual thickeners and artificial colours found in typical milkshakes, and is quickly expanding outside of its Canny hometown. BQ find out how it all happened...

"In the next five years I want the brand to be the brand of choice across the dairy milk sector, with loads more innovation to help us along the way. And we hope to have our first venture into international markets"