New start-up aims to combat fake news

MP Craig Whittaker with Lyric Jain

New start-up aims to combat fake news

A Yorkshire-based entrepreneur is aiming to shake up the media with a socially conscious artificial intelligence (AI) start-up he says will deliver a new dawn for digital news.

Lyric Jain, an MIT and Cambridge University student, founded Brighouse-based LogicAlly with the intention of “combatting the burgeoning echo chambers of thought that are evident in the way people consume news online.”

He also says that, when launched, the service will eliminate fake news from its users’ screens.

“It is human nature to associate with like-minded individuals and it is that behaviour that’s behind the success of many media outlets in the US.”

This approach, says Lyric, is also reflected by content aggregators like Facebook, which uses recommender systems to present users with content they are most likely to engage with.

“What we have online today is an artificially engineered serendipity where virtually every piece of information a user consumes fits into their own pre-existing narratives,” he continued.

“My aim for LogicAlly is to remove these barriers and give those who want it the opportunity to see the big picture for themselves.”

With the aim of launching in early 2018, Lyric has already employed ten experienced developers, all of whom are currently working from the company’s headquarters to develop the platform’s user interface and finalise the coding that will ensure it will intelligently deliver wholly unbiased and un-politicised content.

“The focus of AI projects is usually on improving process efficiencies by eliminating people from the chain. When launched, LogicAlly will be one of very few AI platforms with a focus on improving human experiences instead.”.

Craig Whittaker, Conservative MP for the Calder Valley, recently visited the new start-up and said: “During my recent visit to Avocet Hardware, I was enthused to learn of Lyric Jain’s exciting new venture, LogicAlly.

“The demonstration I was given was quite amazing. It’s certainly a wonderful and innovative tool and I wish him and his team the best for the future.”