The #FridaySocial: Facebook degrees of separation and multi-account Instagram

The #FridaySocial: Facebook degrees of separation and multi-account Instagram

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Facebook algorithm update

Facebook revealed details about the latest change to its news feed algorithm this week, which now combines whether a user is likely to engage with a post and whether they are likely to want to see it at the top of their feed as ranking factors. Facebook has been polling thousands of users with the question “how much did you want to see this story in your news feed?”, asking for a rating from one to five. In a statement, Facebook didn't offer any definitive answer as to how this change will affect referral traffic, but reinforced that brands should not openly encourage users to engage with or click their posts.


House of Fraser's 'Emojinal' campaign

On Monday, House of Fraser launched its Valentine's campaign with a barrage of emojis on Twitter. Feeling all 'Emojinal', the brand posted a series of images, photoshopped to include emojis, and adopted an emoji-heavy policy when responding to tweets. There was a mixed response to the activity, with many questioning whether it is a good fit for the brand. While the execution wasn't flawless have been flawless, whether you're an emoji fan or not, the campaign certainly created a splash.