London dads bubble up success

London dads bubble up success

Two London dads have joined forces to launch an app aimed at helping hard-working parents reclaim their social lives.

The bubble app launched by budding entrepreneurs Adrian Murdock and Ari Last lets parents find, book and pay local babysitters with ease using just their smart phone or tablet.

Leaving the traditional model behind, bubble is an on-demand service that uses social and community data (e.g. Facebook, schools and nurseries) to connect parents with babysitters that already exist within their wider personal networks – the sitters already used by friends and people they trust the most.

Adrian Murdock, co founder, said: “As parents, we know that when it comes to finding a babysitter, nothing is more powerful than a personal connection. With our app, users can quickly tap into their wider network of trusted sitters. We’re out to solve a major problem experienced by hard-working parents who’d love some more time for themselves.”

Ari Last, fellow co founder, added: “For parents it’s quite simple, we want to give them an app that means they never struggle to find a babysitter ever again. bubble is about giving parents more freedom, more spontaneity and more trust.

“We want to make finding a trusted babysitter easier than ordering in a takeaway.”

The duo met whilst working at global online betting exchange Betfair, before working at successful tech start-ups such as online retailer and fintech firm MarketInvoice.

The bubble app is now available for download on iOS and Android.