How to Create a Company Culture Your Team Can Thrive In

How to Create a Company Culture Your Team Can Thrive In

Discover your core values, transform teamwork and motivate everyone to embrace change – establishing a winning company culture starts with you…

If you want to outperform your competitors, you need to create a winning company culture, not just a sound business model – and that requires plenty of time and consideration because each business’ culture is unique.

The founder’s values, personality and attitudes are instilled at every level of an organisation, so change must start at the top.

Here’s how the highest performing businesses developed a culture that inspires loyalty, innovation and staff to take personal responsibility for their performance.

1. Discover your company’s unique personality

Delve into your business’ past. Do you have any company traditions, heroes or phrases? What sets you apart from the rest of your industry? Where exactly was the business founded? Create an authentic company culture that’s aligned to your business values and history. 

2.  Behave like a high-performing company

Outline a set of core values that underpin every aspect of your business and never compromise on them – hire passionate and committed people who best match these ideals and consider replacing those who don’t.

From respecting each other’s opinions and work to being honest in everything you do, encourage your team to be themselves, to ask questions, make suggestions and inject fun into their working day. Being proud of the company and showing commitment at all times will foster a winning spirit.

3. Encourage collaboration on an internal communications platform

Strong company culture brings even the largest teams together, regardless of hierarchy, to debate ideas collaboratively and share knowledge – you don’t need to be in the same building or country to do it when you use online collaboration tools like Calls9 Knowledge Plus.

It’s a platform that combines libraries of key company documents and policies with live chat or real-time messaging. And it’s made workforces happier and more efficient the world over, by putting everything staff could possibly need at their fingertips, whether they’re working in the office or remotely, on a desktop, tablet or mobile devices. No email overload, less stress and a greater sense of company unity.

4. Send monthly company newsletters

Share revenue targets, best practices and client news by all means, but making every member of staff feel valued and invested in your company will require a personal approach to your company newsletter.

Ask your management team to name people who have achieved something wonderful or worked exceptionally hard this month, then give them a shout-out in the newsletter – brag about their achievements to the wider company to encourage others to give their all.

Worried about clogging up email inboxes? Upload your newsletter to an internal communications platform like Calls9 Knowledge Plus where everyone can access it whether they’re working from home or remotely. Use the Portal Analytics dashboard to monitor your staff and pinpoint your high achievers.

5. Reward your entire team

An annual activity day that puts the fun into team building, an extra day’s holiday for smashing targets or a round of drinks at the end of a project – the highest performing businesses use the carrot, not the stick approach, to create a healthy company culture that allows everyone to fulfil their potential.