Parallel Lives

Parallel Lives

The Prince’s Trust has launched an ad campaign showing the life-changing impact its work has had on generations of young lives across the UK.

Its Parallel Lives drive aims to increase support and, in turn, raise funds. The ads, which have won two awards at Cannes Festival, feature split screens. One side shows a young person doing well. The other shows the ‘parallel life’ they could have ended up with if the trust hadn’t been there to support them. The ads tackle issues such as homelessness, abuse and being in trouble with the law.

This campaign reminds us that the 825,000 young lives the trust has helped transform over 40 years could have been very different. Paul Brown, the trust’s director of marketing and communications, says: “The idea is to give a sense of the trust’s incredible impact on young lives, and to demonstrate why it’s still vital for people to support us into the future.

“By showing the flipside of what could happen to vulnerable young people who don’t get the right support when most they need it we hope to persuade people to consider how they might support our cause.”

The ads have been created free by the youth charity’s award-winning pro-bono creative agency, CHI & Partners.  To watch the ad, donate or join in, visit