Businesses need entre-leaders in uncertain times

Businesses need entre-leaders in uncertain times

In today’s complex and challenging business environment, the importance of entrepreneurial attitudes within teams cannot be overstated. Companies that do not have an opportunist strategy risk being out-manoeuvred by their competition. Businesses must invest in training managers to be entre-leaders; able to identify and seize new opportunities, take chances, and learn lessons. To think differently from the market trend will reap rewards.

Dr Bruno Oliveira, an expert in strategy and entrepreneurship at Aston Business School, regularly trains professionals to become entre-leaders. His practical workshops enable managers from all sectors to re-train their mind and to inspire this outlook within teams.

Bruno will be delivering a free talk on Wednesday 30th November, at Aston Business School, to share his insight into entrepreneurial mind-sets. He will explore the role of emotions in promoting or constraining entrepreneurial action in yourself and others. All professionals are invited to attend this free business breakfast event.

Bruno identifies the importance of entre-leaders will become greater than ever in the current unpredictable business climate;

“We live in an age of increasing turbulence, uncertainty and continuous change. To face these challenges, societies, economies and organisations around the world increasingly require people capable of finding and exploring new opportunities to generate value. Building a business is best done with an attitude that embraces the initiative and risk involved in being an entrepreneur.

A leader needs to be alert and open to seizing opportunities. They combine experience and knowledge with an experimental attitude to take affordable risks on new ideas. They maximise opportunities through their social networks, which inspires and supports them, to switch on those ‘light bulb’ moments. They experiment with ideas and reflect, they learn from mistakes, develop and grow. They have focus and vision.”

Bruno’s talk is the third in a series of free sessions at Aston Business School, designed to open up a diverse range of tools and insights for those looking to accelerate growth and achieve more with their business.

To book your place at Fresh Perspectives: Developing an Entrepreneurial Mind-set on Wednesday 30th November 7.30-9.00am visit