Bridging the gap between students and their future

Bridging the gap between students and their future

A North East company has launched an online platform to help connect students with universities and employers.

globalbridge acts as a talent marketplace, and allows students to create online profiles listing their academic and extra-curricular achievements.

Potential employers and higher education institutions can subscribe to the site to search for students and match them to specific job vacancies or courses.

Former Durham School director of sport & recruitment, Ben Mason designed the portal to complement university application forms and provide a more thorough profile than those currently offered by traditional CVs.

As well as listing their academic achievements, students can use globalbridge to upload images, examples of their work, videos and audio recordings to give a full picture of their skills and abilities.

Universities and colleges can also create a globalbridge profile through which they can advertise courses or even employment opportunities for internal positions.

Businesses and HR departments can access the fully customisable database to identify individuals with specific skills and attributes as well as create their own globalbridge profile page through which to search for staff and potential candidates.

Ben Mason said: "globalbridge is exactly that – a bridge that carries young people from school, into their chosen career, either directly or via university.

"Whether they are a great rugby player, a keen artist, straight A student or future engineer, their profile will be identifiable and accessible to schools, universities and businesses.

"By showcasing all their abilities, not just listing their exam results, employers, universities and colleges can get a fuller picture of each student."

"globalbridge is designed to bring personality back into the application process. By allowing a student to showcase their talents, the university or employer can see the ‘whole person’ and not just a list of grades on a piece of paper."