‘Career MOT’ app helps teenagers figure out their career path

‘Career MOT’ app helps teenagers figure out their career path

As GCSE and A Level results come out across the country, thousands of young people are making tough decisions about their future.

Leeds-based independent training provider, Pitman Training, is offering school leavers their free app to help them uncover what their skills and strengths are.

The app, known as ‘Career MOT’, uses a series of psychometric profiling questions, based on the methodologies of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, to generate a diagnostic report of recommendations on the type of career that would suit certain character traits and interests.

Kim Middleton, Pitman Training Leeds Operations Manager said: “Pitman Training’s Career MOT app has helped thousands of people across the country focus on what kind of work will make them happy and we’re excited to share this with school leavers to try and help them find the right direction for them.

“You can share the app with family and friends to get further insights from them and also return to it a later date, when you next feel you want to review your career situation. By giving people access to this tool we hope they will take a fresh look at career options”.

A gap in support for young people exploring career options was revealed nationally in research Pitman Training carried out last year with 80% of young Brits claiming they wish they knew more about options available to them on leaving school.

Despite this, Yorkshire came out as the third most confident in believing that, with the right guidance, they would be able to achieve their career dreams.

“Research we undertook last year revealed that very few young people connect their interests and passions to their career and this is very worrying for us - we want to try and help change the curve of this behaviour”.