Busy Bees Childcare acquires another six prime location nurseries

Busy Bees Childcare acquires another six prime location nurseries

The UK’s leading provider of childcare has acquired six new nurseries, taking its total to 340 nurseries across the UK.

Four of the nurseries were formerly owned by Bramley’s Nurseries:  Bramley’s Day Nurseries in Ardington, Rockwell House Day Nursery in Wantage, Ladygrove Nursery in Didcot and York House Day Nursery in Salisbury.

The other two are Toybox Great Denham Nursery in Bedfordshire and Heriot Hill Nursery in Edinburgh.

The company’s portfolio now stretches to 340 nurseries across England, Scotland and Wales, providing care for over 35,000 children aged from three months to five years with over 8,000 staff.

The four nurseries, which were part of The Bramley's group, currently offer 351 places to children from the age of three months to five years.

Toybox Great Denham, which is an Ofsted rated outstanding nursery, has been providing childcare in Bedfordshire since it opened in April 1998 and offers 73 places to children up to the age of five.

Meanwhile Heriot Hill Nursery, which was established in Edinburgh in 1988, offers 132 childcare places.

Marg Randles, Managing Director at Busy Bees Childcare, said: “We have very specific requirements when choosing who we buy. It has to be an environment that allows children to be happy and to thrive.

“It has to be a place that either gives children the best start in life or where we think we can make it happen. We look for great leadership and committed teams willing to strive to deliver exceptional opportunities for children and support services to parents.

“We can provide support tools and training opportunities expertise in child development, nutrition, health and safety, but staff are the key to success.”

Busy Bees was launched in 1983 after its founders, Lynn and John Woodward, Margaret and Peter Randles and Sally and David Thackray, were frustrated with the lack of suitable childcare for their own children.

Their first nursery, the Rocklands Nursery in Lichfield, West Midlands, opened in 1984.

Busy Bees now owns 340 nurseries (as well as two children centres and an independent primary school) across the UK, 56 in Singapore, and 14 in Malaysia.