Partnership to provide 500 apprenticeships a year

Partnership to provide 500 apprenticeships a year

Fusion Lifestyle has partnered with Newport-based ICON Training to grow their annual apprenticeship programme from 150 to 500 apprentices annually over the next three years.

The sport and leisure management organisation’s new programme, Fusion500, will offer apprentices a clear career pathway via the Leisure Professional Apprenticeship level 2 through to level 7.

The Fusion500 programme encourages staff to become multi-skilled early on in their career enabling them to become managers and leaders as their career develops.

Fusion believes that apprenticeships underpin skills development across their entire workforce and they are confident that the programme will increase employee engagement and retention.

Gary Denton, director, ICON says: “Having worked closely with Fusion for a number of years we applaud their ongoing commitment to workforce development.

“As an organisation, they continually evaluate and adapt the focus of their training to ensure it remains both relevant and effective.

“We are delighted to be partnering with Fusion on what is truly a ground-breaking commitment to staff development, not only in our sector but across any sector.

“Most providers in the sport and leisure sector, offer either purely vocational skills or business, management and leadership development. 

“Our programme with Fusion, which is both visionary and sector-leading combines the practical teaching and knowledge elements in one course creating a multi-skilled, commercially focused frontline workforce.”

Both organisations have spent considerable time and effort developing the courses specifically for Fusion employees, to ensure the programme is the best fit for the needs of the business.

James Duncan, learning & development manager, Fusion Lifestyle says: “ICON’s approach and the Fusion500 programme bring together the expertise and experience of both organisations, for the benefit of the learner. 

“The programme allows our employees the opportunity to broaden their experience and further enhances their career pathway. 

“Existing team members and those entering the sector will benefit from varied, relevant, quality programmes that support the development of the skills, knowledge and behaviours required to be the best in all that they do.

“The support and development of staff will also ensure that Fusion customers receive consistent high levels of care, support and knowledge from every team member, which is important for customer satisfaction and community engagement.”

This programme clearly demonstrates Fusion’s commitment to raising sector standards and providing high-quality work-based learning.

The UK government’s target is for employers to have 5% of their employees on apprenticeships; the Fusion500 programme will ensure Fusion achieves 14%.