Business partnership created to boost driver safety education

Business partnership created to boost driver safety education

Driver training provider TTC DriverProtect and software firm GreenRoad have announced a new partnership that will help “make sense of fleet data”.

The companies want to create a new driver safety education solution based on personal performance and with a focus on behavioural change.

Since 2004, Leeds-based GreenRoad has developed award-winning safety solutions to help fleet managers reduce their accident rates, fuel and maintenance costs.

By using a combination of real-time, in-cab coaching and cloud-based contextual intelligence, the company’s technologies work to improve the behaviour of drivers behind the wheel and give management tools for resolving systemic issues.

The GreenRoad application is also configurable to all types of vehicles and telematics systems. 

Telford-based TTC Group will integrate GreenRoad technologies into all of its individualised driver training interventions, which range from workshop and on-road driver training to e-learning programmes.

GreenRoad’s safety platform combines driving behaviour and vehicle data with location-based insights to give companies a clear picture of their workforce’s driving performance while providing drivers with real-time feedback for sustainable improvement.

Andy Wheeler, TTC DriverProtect’s business development director, said of the deal: “We are excited to partner with GreenRoad, a company that shares our goal of improving driver behaviour and creating an organisation-wide safe-driving culture.”

“Our partnership will add an extra dimension to the TTC DriverProtect suite of services, making it easier for our clients to make work-related road safety compliance a part of their everyday work-life.”

John Gorbutt, GreenRoad’s sales director, shared Andy’s enthusiasm: “Working together, we will create uniquely-effective, next-generation safety education programmes that will reduce road-related risk, safety incidents and related costs, while also improving operational efficiencies.

“Companies that deploy these programmes will be investing in the protection of their people, businesses and brand, leveraging innovation to continually improve overall safety compliance.”