Looking forward to investment in Newcastle

Looking forward to investment in Newcastle

What do…

artificial intelligence, solar energy and genetic medicine

…have in common?

All are examples of ‘disruptive technology’.

And with ‘disruptive technology’ comes new ways of working, new markets and, for you, new opportunities for investment.

From the energy that powers our homes to the robots on modern production lines, technology is changing the world around us.

How do you keep pace with the momentous change happening today? And how do you invest when technology is constantly disrupting the status quo?

You could start by joining Rathbones and our expert speakers for an invitation-only investment event in Matfen Hall Hotel, near Newcastle on Wednesday 24 May.

We’ll explore the impact of disruptive technology and explain how to strengthen your investment plans and prepare for changing markets.

Confirm your place now, visit: rathbones.com/tyne or call Dianne Coulthard on 0191 255 1455.