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Art of the Possible: Inspiring Innovation

Inspiring innovation with a breakfast session at NIKKEN Innovation Centre, brought to you by Superfast South Yorkshire.

Attend this Superfast South Yorkshire breakfast session and listen to inspirational speakers at the iconic global company Nikken, based at the Advanced Manufacturing Park in South Yorkshire.

8:00              Registration & Breakfast

8:30              Welcome:

Andy Brown - MCMI Marketing Manager at Nikken Kosakusho Europe Ltd

The NIKKEN Innovation Centre for Europe is a new facility built to provide innovative solutions to the manufacturing industry’s toughest problems. The Centre demonstrates Nikken’s capabilities on seven machining centres, which cover a diverse cross section of the industry. Such industries include small to medium Engineering Manufacturers, High Precision part production to the rigid machines required to take heavy cuts in Titanium and Inconel for the Aerospace industry.

Art of the Possible Presentations:

Presentation: Improving Efficiency, Increasing Productivity, Anywhere Working

Presenter: Alex Eggar from TechATP, is Tech expert with one aim, to provide businesses with the very best in Microsoft SharePoint and Cloud consultancy (that means Office 365 and everything that goes with it). We like to think of ourselves as technology-focused and business-driven. So, whilst we're a dab hand with the tech, our primary goal is to always improve the way your business works.

Presentation: Abstract on the FoMT presentation

The nature of demand, product design, product intelligence & production is undeniably changing but what can you do about it? Asif Moghal of Autodesk shares 5 practical ways to embrace the future of making things and drive profitable growth, in an environment where traditional approaches to design and manufacturing just don’t cut it anymore.

Presenter: Asif Moghal loves great design, manufacturing and innovation. He started his career developing, patenting, & funding new product ideas before moving into sales of CAD/CAM/CAE solutions for the manufacturing industry. As the Senior Manufacturing Industry Manager at Autodesk he leads The Future of British Manufacturing Initiative, aiming to practically help over 1000 UK design & manufacturing SME’s bring even greater products to market faster and more profitably.

Presentation: How IoT changes Manufacturing: Internet of Things and Industry 4.0

Presenter: Dr Roy Woodhead’scareer began in construction, becoming an academic in Oxford before focusing on practical innovation for over 25 years.  He has reported to c-suite, program boards, and project managers in both small and global companies.  He has unlocked value through innovation practices in manufacturing, chemicals, refining, oil & gas, construction, logistics and new product development. Quantifiable results typically spanned an additional 5% to 20% of estimated ROI.  Roy firmly believes that IoT unlocks many opportunities for manufacturers to evolve their business models and create new products and services. He also believes those that do not evolve through some form of digitisation strategy will not survive the next 10 years, even sooner if a bad Brexit means tariffs for exports.

At the end of the session, we'll join Andy Brown MCMI Marketing Manager at Nikken Kosakusho Europe Ltd for a tour around the NIKKEN Innovation Centre for Europe.

This is the first of many SFSY high impact events to help businesses embrace digital transformation for growth and to remain competitive and to encourage innovation and enterprising ways of working.

These presentations will be different in that you will learn how technology can make a difference to your business and what you need to do to be more productive, efficient and competitive.

Best practice will be showcased together with demonstrations around capability and consumption which will inspire you to explore new digital technologies and innovations, social media, mobile, and data analytics. There will also be a presentation and tour around Nikken

There will also be information on the SFSY Connection and Innovation Vouchers which can be used to claim funding towards an upgrade in connectivity or to introduce new innovations to your business