Women in business

Art of the Possible: Women in Business & Leadership

2018: celebrating 100 years of the vote for women. Achieving gender balance and the business benefits it gives.

Much has improved in people’s lives since the women’s right to vote in the UK 100 years ago, but progress towards gender balance and inclusion in leadership is painstakingly slow.

Despite high profile sharing of rational evidence of business out performance and best practice ways to establish gender balance, hearts and minds of leaders of business and education have not been won. Workarounds are obvious, as seen by boards mainly appointing females as NEDs, annual reports stating it simply as work in progress CSR, as well as still seeing hesitation in women stepping forward.

There are many great initiatives and groups working to highlight evidence for business benefits, or to support women, but they often work in isolation and are based on opting in, so appeal to and reach only the engaged pioneers.  A different approach is required to cut through existing mind-sets and change behaviour at pace, for hesitant leaders and women.

Chair of the roundtable is Sam Bramwell, Director of Sales and Operations at Microsoft and the host is Ken Perritt, Account Director at XPO Logistics.

The discussion will focus on:

·        Women and Enterprise,

·        What are the challenges and barriers facing SME’s and what support do they need

·        How do we help propel women forward in their business journeys

Following the discussion, there will also be a factory tour around ASOS

There will also be information on the SFSY Connection and Innovation Vouchers which can be used to claim funding towards an upgrade in connectivity or to introduce new innovations to your business

This is one of many SFSY high impact events to help women in business embrace digital transformation for growth and to remain competitive and to encourage innovation and enterprising ways of working.  The inspiring presentation will be different in that you will learn how technology can make a difference and what you need to do to be more productive, efficient and competitive. There will be showcase practices and demonstrations around capability and consumption which will inspire you to explore new digital technologies and innovations, social media, mobile, and data analytics.