Business adviser

Tees Valley Business Compass Supplier Event

If you're currently consulting with any clients in the Tees Valley area on business growth projects, then this event will show you how your clients can access funding and support for 33% of the total value of their project.

Some projects you might be working on for your clients might include:

  • Developing their marketing strategy
  • Getting their business online and helping them to develop a digital marketing strategy
  • Supplying energy efficiency product/services to your client
  • Improving their website in order to help them sell their product overseas
  • Developing a workforce training plan
  • Developing a strategy to help them work towards ISO accreditation
  • Design and development of an MI or CRM system
  • Product and service development/design
  • Business process review and re-engineering
  • Business strategy and succession planning
  • Overseas marketing strategy development activity
  • Research and development activity
  • Supplying product/services to improve broadband speeds