Stealth and efficiency

Stealth and efficiency

The opportunity to drive one of the most exciting cars on the road was too much to ignore for Kevin Hepplewhite, so he took it for a thrill ride across North Yorkshire.

ne14 main2Kevin Hepplewhite is a qualified Independent Financial Adviser for Joslin Rhodes. The company has been providing unrivalled, unbiased financial advice and support for its clients since the turn of the century, offering pension, mortgage, savings, investments and insurance advice as well as a wealth management and financial planning service.

Joslin Rhodes also provides advice on employee benefit schemes, company pensions and general financial planning for business.

Kevin took the Mercedes C250 CDI Blue Efficiency out to some of his appointments. OK let’s get one thing straight, I’m no Jeremy Clarkson, he writes. However just like the average 40-year-old guy I know a great opportunity when I see one.

“Would you like to test drive the C250 CDI Blue Efficiency Mercedes for the day?” “Hmm, let me take just one millisecond to think about that. Oh go on then!,” I jokingly retorted. As you can see I look rather chuffed on my mugshot.

But once I had positioned myself behind the wheel and settled into what the brochure states is ‘The Coupe Lounge’ the experience began. The interior is full of an array of gadgets that wouldn’t look out of place in a fighter jet. Needless to say that there is something for everyone.

So what’s in it for all you performance junkies? Well, here’s the low-down: This four cylinder, six-geared diesel delivers an impressive 204hp at 4,200 rpm, 0-62 mph in seven seconds, top speed of 149 mph (unfortunately I can’t verify this otherwise I would be writing this from the inside of one of Her Majesty’s luxurious prison cells) and a combined fuel consumption of 52.3 mpg. Not bad. Now that’s out of the way, lets talk about the driving experience.

Naturally I took the opportunity to put this little baby through the ropes and “drop in” on some clients in Harrogate. My journey, one that I regularly do, takes me through picturesque Yarm, along the back lanes of the A61 to the bustling market town of Northallerton whilst skirting Ripon before reaching the historic spa town of Harrogate.

Have I set the scene? The windy road is full of dips and turns, short and long bursts of open road – just perfect to test its road handling. I have to say I wasn’t disappointed.

The C250 CDI glided effortlessly through the bends, whilst packing a punch when overtaking the labouring bystanders with a blend of low-down torque with a sublime silky smooth and instantaneous acceleration through all the gears. Whilst cruising, I ran up behind a... well, shall we say another quality branded softop from a recognised competitor of Mercedes where all the occupants quite literally strained their necks to get a better look.

I assumed it was the silver bullet I was caressing through the country lanes and not my rather girlie pink attire and black shades. I left them to “eat my dust” and continued on my journey. My return trip was a far less exciting drudge back down the A19 to Teesside.

Specifically chosen to test the open road, its not the car that disappointed, it simply purred, it was the laborious straight grey track. In a nutshell, if it’s a quality sumptuous drive in a car with plenty of poke that you’re looking for, then your search is over. Have I sold it to you? Well I’ve certainly convinced myself and the swathes of drooling onlookers. Now I’m off to rattle my piggy bank. Likes and dislikes: Liked, well everything really, comfort, even distribution of power, a truly exciting drive. Disliked, handing the keys back.

The Mercedes C250 CDI AMG Sport Coupe is priced at £34,280. For further details contact Newcastle - 0191 2267444 Teesside - 01642677877 Sunderland - 0191 5160303