Seedrs granted access to Europe

Seedrs granted access to Europe

Crowdfunding platform Seedrs has been granted a financial services passport as it looks to expand into the Benelux region with the launch of its new Amsterdam office.

Seedrs is expanding to the Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg region (Benelux) with the launch of its new Amsterdam office.

The office will be responsible for building relationships in the Benelux start-up and early-stage investment ecosystem, and for bringing Benelux dealflow to the Seedrs platform to raise capital.

Seedrs has long accepted investors and entrepreneurs from across Europe, and it has an office in Lisbon for software development.

But in launching its Amsterdam office, Seedrs is putting a commercial team on the ground outside the UK for the first time.

The launch of Seedrs’ Amsterdam office comes days after it was granted an EU-wide Financial Services Passport by the UK Financial Conduct Authority on 13 July. The passport allows Seedrs to provide services anywhere in the European Union.

Jeff Lynn, CEO and co-founder of Seedrs, said: “We have always had a pan-European vision for Seedrs, and the launch of our Amsterdam office brings that vision one step closer to reality.

“I have been very impressed by what I have seen of the early-stage ecosystem in the Benelux, and we made our first step into the region last year when we partnered there with ING.

“Now I am looking forward to Seedrs becoming a key player in financing start-up and growth companies across the three countries.” 

The launch of the Amsterdam office marks the beginning of on-the-ground expansion in Europe, and Seedrs intends to open further offices in the near future.


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