Landlords urge MPs to cut beer duty

Landlords urge MPs to cut beer duty

MPs are being urged to support a 1p cut in beer duty in a bid to protect pubs and create jobs.

A coalition of drinks groups have highlighted the huge boost to employment after duty cuts in recent years, saying 19,000 jobs have been created following duty cuts in the last three Budgets.

MPs from five different parties have signed an early day motion calling for a 1p cut in the next Budget in March.

Brigid Simmonds, chief executive of the British Beer and Pub Association, said: "We have built a very strong case for further duty cuts to boost employment and protect pubs, as the industry still faces big pressures."

Mike Benner, managing director of SIBA, the trade organisation for independent brewers, said: "Three consecutive duty cuts have led to increased investment across the independent brewing sector creating new jobs and providing support for important local small businesses across the country."

Tim Page, chief executive of the Campaign for Real Ale, said: "The ending of the beer duty escalator and three consecutive beer duty cuts have kept pubs open and kept the price of a pub pint down.

"Britain's 15 million regular pub goers will be hoping for a fourth beer duty cut in March's Budget."