A new cider from Purity and Westons

A new cider from Purity and Westons

Warwickshire-based Purity Brewing Company has teamed up with English cider producer Westons to launch a brand new craft cider.

Pure Hopped, a craft cider made with 100% fresh apple juice from Herefordshire, follows the successful launch of Caple Rd, the UK’s first craft cider in a can, less than two years ago.

The partnership is the result of a chance conversation on the annual hop walk at Worcestershire’s Stocks Farm.

During the walk Purity’s managing director Paul Halsey spoke to the farm’s owner, Ali Capper, about the hopped ciders he had tried in the United States, and with that an idea was born.

The launch of Pure Hopped comes amidst a growing trend for both craft beer and cider, with followers looking increasingly towards premium drinks with a difference.

“We are in an age of true innovation in the drinks sector,” said Purity’s founder Paul Halsey.

“We are proud to have been at the forefront of the craft beer movement in the UK throughout the past 10 years and are delighted to be working with Westons on our latest collaboration.

“Hopped cider is something I came across in the US and ever since then I have wanted to make one. Combining the expertise of Westons and innovation of Purity has led us to create a premium craft cider of the finest quality.”

Tim Williams, brand manager for Westons craft ciders, says: “We are extremely excited to be launching Pure Hopped together with our friends at Purity Brewing Company. The new hopped cider will add genuine breadth to the growing craft cider category.”



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