No premises? No problem

No premises? No problem

Hackney's 40FT Brewery is proving you don’t necessarily have to invest lump sums of money into commercial property just to set up a business.

Finding the right location to launch your business can be quite an arduous task, especially in London where rents are sky-high and vacant property is hard to find.

But do you really need to invest half your world into finding the right premises? London’s innovative 40FT Brewery is a prime example of how thinking outside of the box could save you thousands.

40FT was founded by four friends just over a year ago - a master brewer and three home brewers who were brewing in their house share kitchen - with the simple goal of creating ‘local beer for local people.’

Unlike most other brewers, their goal wasn’t to build a brand which they could build from the ground up and then sell on, or even to build a brand they could take overseas, they just wanted to serve their local community.

Co-founder Steve Ryan told BQ: “We believe in local beer for local people. 90% of our beer is consumed within 10 miles of the brewery. We have some clients further afield but there are plenty of bars, pubs and restaurants in our area that keep us busy.”

When Andreas, Fredrik, Steve and Ben launched the business 18 months ago, they were looking for somewhere different to launch their business. With this in mind the four took to the drawing board and pooled their ideas together before they came up with a plan.

“Our brew house and tap room are built in repurposed 40-foot shipping containers,” Steve said. “We set up our business in a disused car park in East London’s borough of Hackney. The land is leased from the local council who support the premise as they wish to reduce car usage in the area.”

40FT Brewery Shipping Containers

But what happens when the council decides to redevelop the area and sell it on, you may be asking? 

Steve added: “As the land is signposted for development we have a short-term lease. It made sense to use shipping containers as we can pick up and move our brewery when our lease expires.

“As we journey into our second year as a London brewery we aim to continue making beer that we are proud of, creating more awareness of our beer and hosting fun, engaging events at our brewery tap room in East London. Here’s to the next year!”

Thinking of launching a business but worried about how much the bricks and mortar cost? 40FT is a great example of how, when you put your mind to it, you can overcome any obstacle that comes your way in business. 


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