British lamb

British lamb

Major boost for UK lamb exports

British lamb will soon be back on dinner plates across Kuwait after a new deal worth up to £15m was announced by the government.

The re-opened trade route was announced during food minister George Eustice’s visit to the Gulf to promote British food and drink and strengthen the UK’s trading relationship with this rapidly growing market.

Three major UK suppliers are already set to benefit from the five-year deal - with shipments prepped to leave soon. The UK exported £625m worth of food and drink to the region last year, including £80m of cereal and £22m of cheese.

Eustice said: "British lamb has a fantastic reputation around the world for its taste and quality and I’m delighted this export success will now be available for diners in Kuwait.

"This move to re-open the market for UK-produced lamb is another example of how we are working hard to tap into international markets and build stronger relationships with trading partners around the world."

Total lamb exports from the UK reached £330m in 2016, up from £300m the previous year, and this latest deal is a further boost to government’s commitment to open more international markets.