80% of Wales would rather buy Welsh

80% of Wales would rather buy Welsh

Eight out of every ten Welsh shoppers think that food and drink from Wales is great quality and would always buy Welsh products if the price is right.

These are some of the key findings of a new Government report by Food and Drink Wales on the ‘Value of Welshness’.

The report also found that shoppers outside of Wales believe the constituent country is known for good quality food and drink and would like to support it, with nearly 30%  saying they would like to see more Welsh food and drink in their shops.

Wales is also more associated with naturalness than the rest of the country.

There appears to be substantial scope for the growth in Welsh products with strong consumer support for the food and drink industries. Welsh branding seems to work well with and also enhance the overall branding on Great Britain and its products.

The Welsh Government is putting the promotion of Welsh food and drink, both nationally and globally, as a top priority, with a focus on increasing the numbers of Welsh brands that are recognised around the world.

This was highlighted by the recent BlasCymru/TasteWales event, which featured buyers from as far afield as Hong Kong, the UAE and the USA.

The Cabinet Secretary for Environment and Rural Affairs, Lesley Griffiths welcomed the findings of the report.

She said: “In recent years Welsh food and drink has gained a growing and well-deserved reputation for uniqueness and high quality. 

“This is reflected in the fact fourteen Welsh food and drink products have now been awarded coveted ‘Protected Food Name’ status. 

“We have an ambitious target to grow the industry by 30% to £7bn by 2020. Although there are undoubtedly major challenges ahead, not least our impending exit from the European Union, I am confident we can overcome them if we continue to promote the unique, special nature of our produce

“This report shows there is strong support for food and drink from Wales and there are definite benefits for Welsh brands by using “Welshness” to enhance their proposition inside and outside of Wales.”

Andy Richardson, chair of the Food and Drink Wales Industry Board said:

“It is very encouraging for us as an Industry Board to see that this research highlights the importance of Welsh provenance and underpins the confidence we have in our food and drink sector. 

“We are proud of what our businesses produce and the research findings from the Value of Welshness is testimony that consumers feel the same.”