Is this the IT Manager's Biggest Nightmare?

Is this the IT Manager's Biggest Nightmare?

An IT Manager’s job is fast becoming increasingly demanding as more and more devices look to connect to your business’ network.

Some devices will be known to your business, and others completely unknown.

Having the right process and approach in place within the office is vital to make sure that your business remains secure from the countless external threats.

In a recent guest blog for Microsoft, our COO Steve Cox took a light hearted view on what it would be like to be a hacker for a week. By exploring various scenarios and the disguises used Steve highlighted just how a hacker’s mind operates. For those not properly prepared Steve revealed how a lack of processes and the regular vulnerabilities present in a business can often lead to serious breaches in IT security.

The “Dear Diary” styled report of the hacker’s week, cataloguing how more chaos rained down on unsuspecting businesses as each day passes can be read here:

Day 1: Tape Gate

Day 2: The Case of Mistaken Identity

Day 3: I’m here to water the plants, honest…

Day 4: Social Engineering

The world of IT develops revolutionary innovations all the time, and many businesses are now being encouraged to look at Cloud computing as a serious infrastructure solution. Many can see the benefits from the freedom and mobility it brings as well as the option to OPEX IT spend. However, the Cloud’s security remains the biggest issue for many reluctant to take that leap.

It goes without saying that careful planning is imperative when migrating data to the Cloud, and making sure all of the potential security concerns are covered rarely gets more important.

Yet in reality Cloud security is no different to any other type of IT security – which is a point Steve Cox makes in his series of blogs – any business will still need a strict set of processes in place and ensure that all employees are aware of them, and of course follow them.

You can spend a small fortune on securing your business from online threats, but all it would take is for one person to stray from the plan and a series of knock-on effects can bring your business to its knees.

TSG are hugely proud to be one of the few companies to work at the top level with IT Security giants Sophos. TSG sit on Sophos’ council and feedback directly from conversations with our customers – more of which you can learn about in this Microscope article.

This ensures that we can help shape the future of IT security and also guarantees that our end users have access to the best products possible.

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