Serviceteam IT: Helping businesses make smart decisions

As cloud storage becomes more prominent and businesses get set to embrace the idea of everything being stored in the sky, a Birmingham start-up is looking to capitalise on the growing demand for technological advances.

Serviceteam IT based at Birmingham Research Park looks to work as a middleman for organisations which are looking to new technologies to help boost their business whether it be cloud storage or communications systems.

In only a couple of years, the company has already secured work with major clients including Taif Gulf Properties, Gab Robins and Utilities.

BQ caught up with entrepreneur and founder Sebastian Jesson-Ward to see how the business was getting on.

Introducing the business model, Sebastian told BQ: “Serviceteam IT is a business change and technology consultancy start-up that builds upon a wealth of experience within communications, telephony, data processing & integration.

“Our ambition is to remove the mystery that surrounds IT and communications, preventing proprietary lock-in and ensuring organisations adopt the right things at the right speed.”

It was 2011 when Sebastian initially launched the company and it has continued to grow since. He said: “Serviceteam IT was founded by myself in 2011 as I believed we could improve on the experience from large enterprise organisations due to their lack of innovation and a sense of treating customers as a means to an end for shareholder profit.

“[The company is] 100% self-funded through customer projects. Limited ERDF funding and support was acquired around 18 months ago.”

Having worked previously as a business development manager for two and a half years at IT firm UK Solutions, Sebastian already had an insight into the industry he was delving into.

It was connections made in the industry, which helped him on his way to setup Serviceteam. He added: ”My professional network, especially friends, previous colleagues and previous customers helped support me when starting up. I have also received support through BizzInn incubator which is based at Birmingham Research Park.”

Sebastian continued: “My biggest challenge so far has been going from just me for around three and a half years to a small team of three.”

As the company continues to grow, his next big target is to continue growing the team to support further projects he is planning.

On being a start-up, Sebastian said the best thing was the “autonomy but the worst is the loneliness when you initially start off.”

When setting up a business, another challenge to any entrepreneur is differentiating from the competition and making your mark in an industry. To make Serviceteam competitive, he said: “the approach, themeology and the personalities were what really made us stand out.

“What differentiates us is our approach to delivering a pre-defined outcome and not simply installing a set of products. Delivering a service from initial consultation through to realisation, ServiceTeamIT will be with you for the journey.”

As the company continues to grow and build on its success it has achieved in its first few year of trading since being a start-up, BQ will continue to follow its progress.