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How to banish January blues

Does office morale concern you? It should! For those unfamiliar with Blue Monday – the day dubbed ‘the most depressing day of the year’ – it’s said that this is when most people consider change and decide to take action against any feelings of dissatisfaction. What started off as a whimsical and abstract ‘day of note’ is now considered a true symbol of transformation.

With the significance of Blue Monday (typically the 3rd Monday of January) rising, business owners and managers are using the sombre month of January to assess employee motivation and wellbeing in order to improve staff retention.

Research conducted by Censuswide – commissioned by Samsung in 2016 – required 1,000 office workers to list their biggest workplace frustrations and, overwhelmingly, 92% stated that slow internet connections and disruptive computer faults were their number one annoyance – but why?

Well, staff members estimated that they lost over 30 minutes of working time each day to this and claimed that in total this amounted to around 5.5 hours per week. 20% said that they’d already left a job because of the work environment.

Slow internet speeds could cause businesses to lose valued staff

When we arrive at work, we expect to be able to do our jobs and be supplied with the tools we need to work efficiently. It’s that simple. Whether it takes a good couple of minutes to upload a file or – more dramatically – the internet connection goes down unexpectedly, this affects employee performance and productivity, adding to staff discontent.

So the question is: Is your company doing enough to keep employees engaged?

The chances are, having a slow internet network will impact on your entire office (causing complaints to rise) so instead of one individual’s frustration there is a collective team issue that will undoubtedly equate to profitability dips.

And yet, it all seems rather extreme when there’s such a simple solution…

Keeping the blues away  

Further research conducted by Deloitte revealed that 89% of 3,105 employees aren't provided with the latest technology when this would aid and improve a company’s bottom line. Let’s fix that!

Gaining access to bigger bandwidths has become part and parcel of the digital age. It’s one of the most affordable and secure ways of future-proofing a business and growing its profits. With the work that CityFibre is doing across the UK – building Gigabit Cities and hooking Britain up to their solid, ultrafast 1GB pure fibre infrastructure – it’s safe to say that slow business broadband could quite easily become a thing of the past – and so it should!

As CityFibre’s chosen Leeds B2B delivery partner, Diva Telecom launched Gigabit City Leeds in 2016 and has already helped a number of Leeds companies to benefit from revolutionary business broadband.  

With Diva’s help you can banish January blues within your organization, get consistent access to huge, affordable bandwidths, reenergize office morale and grow those profits! Gigabit Fibre will make everyone’s job easier! Find out how at