Training company has the recipe to improve food safety

Training company has the recipe to improve food safety

A Teesside company has launched an online training product to enable food manufacturers to measure food safety culture in the workplace.

enlighten, designed by Stockton-based training company totrain, is a cloud-based product aimed at helping businesses meet their general safety training requirements, while also looking at their approach to food safety.

The product was created in response to statistics published by the Food Standards Agency showing that between 2014 and 2016 there were around 500 deaths a year caused by food borne illnesses, costing the UK nearly £1.5bn.

The enlighten programme has two elements – an e-learning package covering topics like food safety, allergens, pest control and labelling and packaging, and a culture evaluation module based on the 4c culture model covering control, communication, co-operation, and competency.

totrain director John Husband said: ''With new and emerging threats to our food chain and the supply of manufactured ingredients becoming global our approach to food safety culture is more important than ever.

“We are used to the more tangible elements of food safety, but a manufacturers’ approach to food safety, the behavioural aspects and creating a culture of responsibility is now just as important.”

“We have developed enlighten in response to this and several local food companies have already agreed to put their practices under the microscope.

“We are now looking forward to rolling out enlighten nationally, with the aim of improving food industry safety standards in the UK.”

totrain has been providing specialist training to the food manufacturing and processing industry for over 20 years and works with some of the biggest food manufacturing companies in the UK, including SK Chilled Foods, Adelie and FM Foods.