Cornish photography studio investment surpasses £250,000

Cornish photography studio investment surpasses £250,000

Continuous investment in high-tech photographic equipment and software sees image creation studio, Figolux, surpass a quarter of a million pounds in investment.

Redruth-based Figolux, which translates from Latin as ‘fix the light’, has spent over £250,000 since it opened its doors in 2015 on state-of-the-art lighting, cameras, lenses and cutting-edge robotic photographic equipment.

Specialising in innovative 360-degree photography, Figolux’s impressive range of kit enables the studio’s photographers to capture hi-resolution 360-degree images and videos of its clients’ products.

The studio’s most recent investment, a £10,000 portable PhotoRobot workstation called a ‘Case’ has increased the studio’s capacity by up to 25% by enabling photographers to take Figolux’s unique photographic services on the road.

Owner and company director at Figolux, Andrew McLean Brown, said: “The kit that we use day-to-day to produce our 360-degree imagery is fantastic for work within the studio, however it is not very mobile due to its size and weight. This means that we consistently rely on our clients to ship the products they would like photographed to us, which can prove challenging, especially in high volumes.”

“Our new PhotoRobot Case will give us the freedom to produce 360-degree images away from the studio, on location at our customers’ sites. The equipment is incredibly compact, with the whole workstation folding down into one large case, hence its name.”

The Case is the fifth piece of highly advanced kit, all manufactured by PhotoRobot, that Figolux has invested in.

“In addition to our new Case, we already have at the studio two PhotoRobot ‘Cube’ devices which can be used to photograph items such as bicycles or surfboards in 360-degree motion, either on the floor or in the air and a ‘Robotic Arm’ device that enables us to take product photos from different vertical angles, including from above.”

“To allow us to process high volumes of 360-degree images to be compatible with desktop and mobile devices for use on our clients’ websites, we have also invested in specialist SpinMe software. It links to our customers’ content management or stock management systems by associating SKUs, barcodes, product descriptions and other details to the images.”

Working with clients across a number of different industry sectors, Figolux provides a wide range of photographic services in addition to its 360-degree photography, including high-quality photography of products, people, property, food and much more.