Pixey.io secures £250k funding to boost growth

Sarah Stenhouse

Pixey.io secures £250k funding to boost growth

An Edinburgh-based startup that aims to help broadcasters and publishers to obtain the digital rights to Instagram photographs has secured almost £250,000 in seed funding.

Pixey.io, set up by Sarah Stenhouse, will use the cash injection to add five new members of staff over the next six months to introduce artificial intelligence technology and grow its international profile.

Equity Gap, Gabriel and Scottish Investment Bank have invested a total of £213,000 with a further £30,000 from Robin Knox and Paul Walton of Intelligent Point of Sale.

Sarah came up with the idea for her business 2015 while trying to source an image in her former role at an advertising agency.

The company contacts photographers posting on Instagram to request use of their images and arranges copyright and payment.

Since the business inception she has supplied a number of clients including a major high street bank and international advertising firm.

Sarah, Pixey.io’s CEO, said: “The business has been growing steadily but this funding is huge for us and will move us on far more quickly than we could have otherwise. We can now bring in AI technology to effectively source images as well as boosting our profile in the US and Europe.

“We want to create a community with our photographers and provide a mixture of lifestyle and business content. Moving away from traditional staged stock photography, we supply real photos that are creative and more interesting visually.”

Fraser Lusty from Equity Gap said: “The stock photography market is estimated to be worth $3bn annually. Sarah has identified many areas where Pixey.io could grow and the company is already making headway in providing a creative service that benefits broadcasters and publishers.”