5 Problems Marketing Directors Solve with Calls9 Knowledge Plus

5 Problems Marketing Directors Solve with Calls9 Knowledge Plus

When it comes to honing your internal communications strategy, Calls9’s Knowledge Plus rivals Microsoft SharePoint – and not only because of the weekly or monthly flexible payment plans on offer…

This integrated communications platform does it all, from analysing how well your internal marketing is performing to making your team more collaborative and giving staff access to libraries of key documents, policies and more.

Whether you use the knowledge management system as it is today or have the Leeds agency design and brand the platform for your business. It’s no surprise that Knowledge Plus is Calls9’s most popular product.

1. Your business documents aren’t organised in one accessible place

Share accurate information easily and securely with specific people, teams, or your entire company by uploading text, videos and images, files and business information to Calls9 Knowledge Plus. From here, you can access it when you’re in the office or working remotely on a desktop, tablet or mobile device.

Imagine how efficient you’ll become when there are no duplicate documents or out of date personnel forms, new business profiles, compliance regimes for new starters, staff directories or purchase requests, for example.

The employee feedback tool on Calls9’s knowledge management system further safeguards against mistakes, helping you to improve your content when standardising your business practices. Better yet, you can even build presentations from the content stored in Calls9’s information management system.

Calls9 are experts in digital communication, so their internal communications platform Knowledge Plus has a cleverly designed interface that makes your content easy to access and read – even for colleagues who are shy of using online collaboration tools.

2. Only one person can read or amend documents at a time

It’s impractical for large teams to collaborate on spreadsheets. Not only is it tricky to write them on mobile devices, but no one else can contribute to a document that a colleague is amending. And email isn’t a secure method of sharing work.

The solution? A knowledge management system that gives them real-time business intelligence – Knowledge Plus offers fast access to documents.

3. You don’t know how your team or your internal communication strategy is performing

Calls9 displays Portal Analytics on a single dashboard for senior managers to see how often the knowledge management system is used and by who. Use it to monitor your content and your staff, find out how useful your internal marketing is and where to improve.

Alternatively, set learning objectives for your trainee employees and reward their progress to boost morale and make people feel valued.

4. Your email inbox is overflowing

Email overload is a stressful barrier to business growth and productivity, so cut through the noise and improve the employee experience by encouraging staff to communicate with live chat or real-time messaging and empower them to share their knowledge.

5. Your sales team is stuck in a rut

Help your sales team drive revenue by keeping them on brand and on message with the optional Salesforce integration on Calls9’s Knowledge Plus platform.